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Cyclists are identified as “obstructions" in the new Passing Law; we are Vehicle Operators under the Code, entitled to equal protection with motorists

by Jeff Roberts on Jan, 4 2024

From Phil Kolczynski:

When a new Vehicle Code provision affecting cyclists was to become law effective on Jan.1, 2024. I thought that SVC might be interested in finding any local articles analyzing the new law from a cyclist’s perspective and trying to improve drivers’ treatment of us on “their” roads.

I submitted my Guest Opinion article below to the Editor-in-Chief of The Rogue Valley Times ON the morning of December 12th, 2023. I received a written apology from a senior editor at the Times a week later, notifying me that my article had “fallen into the proverbial cracks” but would be published verbatim as soon as possible in the Guest Opinion Column. My article emerged from the cracks and appeared in print on Dec. 21st.

GUEST COLUMN: New law could benefit drivers,

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