Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Siskiyou Velo

Southern Oregon's Premier Cycling Club

I am Committed to Cycling Excellence

Siskiyou Velo is “PROUD”!

P = Prepared for everything

R = Routinely safe

O = Out to have fun

U = Undauntingly a defensive rider, respectful of all road users

D = Dedicated to positively representing cyclists

I am prepared:

  • I wear my helmet when on my bike.
  • I keep my bike in good working condition.
  • I have my identification and emergency information with me.
  • I know the route, or have a paper or electronic route with me if I don’t.
  • I have the tools, tubes, tire boots and inflation equipment to keep my bike going during a ride.
  • I have the clothing, food and liquids to keep me going during a ride.

My goals on the road:

  • I ride to have fun while being safe.
  • I gladly SHARE THE ROAD, and I ride in a manner that makes me a Good Will Ambassador for Cycling.
  • I am responsible for keeping my bike out of danger to protect myself and other users of the road.
  • I ride single file in the presence of motorized vehicles, and stay as far right as is safely possible.
  • I give respect to motorists and pedestrians. If in doubt, I stop and wave them through.
  • I observe all applicable provisions of Oregon State Vehicle Code (814.400 through 814.489).
  • I observe the terms established by the Ride Leader, and work to keep the group together.
  • I stop, with the group, for all mechanical problems until released by the Ride Leader.
  • I never negatively or abusively confront other users of the road, even if they are guilty of a transgression.
  • I share the joy of cycling with others.