Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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Healthy Cycling | Beginner’s Guide - 5 Things You Need to Know

Siskiyou Velo received the following email from a local area student, Derrick Lopez. The attachment to the email contains some valuable information for beginning cyclists.

To Siskiyou Velo Club:

I’m currently a student and cyclist here in the Oregon area. In my health class we were asked to raise awareness of safety in a sport we’re passionate about – so I picked cycling. I found your Club/website while searching for popular cycling clubs near by.

So what I’m doing is asking cycling websites in the area to help me share or remind cycling safety, since it is for a class grade.

Here’s a good article I found and my Health teacher approved: – list of safety tips, cycling benefits, and resources

Please let me know if you share it on your website – so I can keep track of everyone that helped with my project.

Thank you for being such a great inspiration and spreading awareness on the sport!


Derrick Lopez