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2018 Ed/Training Scheduled

Confident Cycling

Improve Your Enjoyment and Safety

 (Appropriate for both Skilled and Learning Cyclists)


Being a small, slow bicycle driver on roads full of large, fast vehicles can be quite intimidating. Decades of cheap fuel and urban sprawl have made it that much more difficult to drive a slow-moving vehicle in a fast-moving culture. But even in this less-that-perfect environment, cyclists can learn the skills and techniques to operate safely and confidently on the road. That is the purpose of the Confident Cycling course, cosponsored by the Velo and the Rogue Valley Transportation District.


The course includes three distinct elements; each fast moving, engaging, and fun.

Part One: This short multi-media lecture will boost your understanding of how people riding bicycles should behave to ensure their use of the transportation network maximizes safety while maintaining consistency with the rules of the road. There are times when you, as a bicycle driver, must take responsibility to drive your bike to ensure that you are seen by motor vehicle drivers. That is the only way  to ensure your safety. The lecture will illustrate the do’s and the don’ts of cycling in traffic.

Part Two: Only when you can effectively control your bike can you truly be considered a cyclist. You’ll learn how to execute avoidance and emergency maneuvers, and why it’s critical to know how to perform them. They are simple to learn but take practice to master. The parking lot drills session will get you started learning maneuvers that can ensure that you have the skills to avoid collisions, falls and crashes.

Part Three: A group ride where you can practice some of the skills and the information gained during parts one and two. The ride will include a variety of roadway environments (low volume residential streets, higher volume roadways, and those with bike lanes or wide shoulders.



1) Take the Club’s “Cycling Safety Quiz

2) The last question on the Quiz asks which course date you’d prefer.


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About Siskiyou Velo: The Siskiyou Velo bike club is dedicated to building a strong bicycling community in Southern Oregon, getting some healthy outdoor exercise, sharing the joy of cycling with other cyclists, helping beginning cyclists, advocating for a safer more bicycle friendly transportation system, and just having fun.  Everyone is invited to ride with our club whether you live in Southern Oregon or not.  You’ll never meet a friendlier, more supportive group of people. Go to  for more information and our ride calendar.