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  • Jackson County Chip Sealing

    Summer brings thunderstorms and chip sealing. Both are a bit disruptive to bicycling our rural roads, but that’s life. Live with it. With both thunderstorms and chip sealing, a little advance warning wards of a lot of grief. For thunderstorms, look out your window. For chip sealing, check the county chip seal project list.

    A recent (7-21-2014) Jackson County news release reported on the what, why and when of chip sealing. An excerpt follows:

    Chip sealing is the process of applying a layer of liquid asphalt to a roadway and then covering it up with a proper aggregate wearing course.

    [Jackson County] currently chip seal about 70 miles of county road each summer which is about 10% of the paved county road network.

    Clearly there are some downsides to chip sealing when comparing it to an overlay of new asphalt – the main one being the loose gravel. Yes, sometimes bicycle riders try to find alternate routes for a while, and all traffic should drive slower for a period of time until the road gets swept off a day or two following application. Even with those inconveniences though, the benefits far outweigh in the end. Take speed of application for example…..at a chip seal application rate of over 300 feet per minute we can cover a lot of ground fast as compared to a typical paving operation which moves at approximately 70 feet per minute. That means we are out of the road much more quickly – and traffic can be on their way more quickly.

    This summer our chip seal program will kick off approximately July 22nd…. When we get the chip sealing complete on all roads we will then return to all these areas with a different process and apply a ‘fog seal’ over the top. This helps bind the remaining rock to the surface just a bit better to get the maximum benefit. Soon after we will paint new stripes on the road and it will be good to go – ready for winter and the pavement life extended another 10 years.

    [The County's] plan is to have the chip sealing done by August 18, the fog sealing done by Labor Day and the striping done shortly after.

    http://jacksoncountyor.org/roads/Home/ArtMID/4172/ArticleID/1139/Chip-Seal-Maintenance-101 Project list attached on website. Note that specific dates are not available. Actual schedule depends on weather. For current information, call the County at 541.774.8184

  • ODOT's OR99 Plan - Open House

    ODOT will host an open house on Thursday, July 24, on the draft Oregon 99 Corridor Plan. The drop-in open house will be at the Jackson County Fire District #5 offices in Talent, 5811 South Pacific Highway, from 4-7 p.m. The draft plan is posted on ODOT’s website. .

  • Biking - it is our thing!

    Biking continues to be among the most popular physical activities in the nation during 2013. Including people who ride off-road or on-road, cycling was the third most popular activity, accounting for 49,430,000 participants. It followed “walking for fitness” with 117 million participants and “running/jogging” at 54 million participants. (data from Sports Marketing Surveys USA).

“For inactive or sedentary Americans, there are so many great activities for people to start on their road to being active, fit and healthy. There are countless options. We just need to get more Americans active and increase their frequency of participating,” said Keith Storey, Vice President, Sports Marketing Surveys USA, the firm which conducted the survey for the Physical Activity Council. Help to make America healthier; encourage your family and friends to become more active. Better yet, ask them to join you on a bike ride.

  • Opening of 1.4-mile Greenway Stretch

    Club members Harlan Bittner and Phil Kolczynsk were featured in the Medford Mail Tribune report on the opening of a new section of the Greenway near Peninger Road / Expo in Central Point. Kudos to Harlan and Phil.

  • Club Camp Out

    We are looking forward to a large gathering this year. The Diamond Lake, Broken Arrow Campground Loop M-1 is reserved for the 7/18 & 7/19. There will be plenty of room to spread-out and enjoy the spleandor of the High Cascades. Rides on the morning of the 19th will match every speed and endurance level.

    Diamond Lake was chosen for this event because of its scenic beauty as well as the variety of ride options that are available there. Some members will obviously start and end at the campground but others may want to load some bikes on cars and transport folks up to the Lodge so cumnavigating the caldera (about 35 miles) and descending to camp is doable. Finally, there is also the bike/walking path around Diamond Lake which goes right through the campground and requires very little climbing.

    As for meals,they will be “on your own.” The Club will provide some snacks for a BYOB happy hour on Friday evening. There are restuarants in the area including South Shore Pizza, Diamond Lake Resort, and Crater Lake Lodge. There is also a small store at Diamond Lake Resort with food items and beverages. Register Here.