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  • Rain & Paceline Safety

    Rain & Paceline Safety
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    PP - Paceline Prudence

  • Lake Creek Store closed

    Due to a change in management of the Cascade Ranch in Lake Creek, the iconic Lake Creek Store is closed indefinitely. This wonderful little market and sandwich shop, has been a destination for Siskiyou Velo Club rides for years. It is still a beautiful area to ride through, but no other public facilities are available for food, water or restrooms.The photo shows some Club members on the porch of the Lake Creek Store in 2016.

  • Confident Cycling: Ed / Training Scheduled

    Being a small, slow bicycle driver on roads full of large, fast vehicles can be quite intimidating. Decades of cheap fuel and urban sprawl have made it that much more difficult to drive a slow-moving vehicle in a fast-moving culture. But even in this less-that-perfect environment, cyclists can learn the skills and techniques to operate safely and confidently on the road. That is the purpose of the Confident Cycling course, cosponsored by the Velo and the Rogue Valley Transportation District.

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  • Celebration of Spencer Gray's Life scheduled for May 12-14, 2017

    Paul and Debra Gray, parents of longtime Siskiyou Velo webmaster, Spencer Gray, are hosting a celebration of their son’s life (Spencerpalooza) on May 12-14, 2017 at Asperkaha Park at Howard Prairie Lake. There are RV and tent camping facilities and rustic cabins reserved. The area also has a group dining facility, kitchen, shower and restroom facilities. The gathering will begin at 3:00 pm on May 12 and conclude at noon on May 14. The Gray’s will provide meals on Saturday and a Mother’s Day breakfast on Sunday. Some group cycling rides are planned. Friends of Spencer are welcome to come up for a day or the whole weekend. If you plan to attend, please notify Paul at 541-821-1642 or e-mail him at: paulgray@charter.net. Spencer was a legendary local rider and a generous webmaster for the Siskiyou Velo website. Spencer passed away from cancer in 2016.


  • Fern Valley Interchange - Unfinished Bike Lanes

    Shoulder Stripe (four inch)

    Look as you travel on N. Phoenix Road north of Grove Road and you’ll see that ODOT’s contractor has stripped, what was supposed to be a bike lane, as a shoulder. The project’s environmental documents provided that bike lanes would be six feet wide throughout the project except along Highway 99 where they would be five feet. The width is fine but the stripping is not. The Club has sent a letter to the Oregon Transportation Commission asking that the project be completed as detailed in the environmental impact statement (EIS) or, more precisely, the environmental assessment. The Club’s letter is HERE.

    Is this BS or what? No, just the preliminary marking for a Bike Symbol

  • Ashland Watershed - update

    Helicopter logging began on Friday, February 24th, 2017 in the Ashland Watershed and will continue through June 30th.  Some of the 50 miles of trails located in the Ashland Watershed will be closed.

    New! View a geo-referenced map of the closure area.  The closure map can be downloaded into Avenza Maps for mobile use in the watershed.











    For your own personal safety and to avoid fines, please check the project website for updates and maps.