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  • Paceline Safety

    Paceline Safety
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  • City of Medford Transportation Survey

    From ODOT:

    Spread the word and impact the future of your City!  Spread the word about our survey!

    –       Take our Transportation Survey from August 2 – September 11, 2017.  Click the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WB3XW7S

    –       Check out the Medford TSP website at www.medfordtsp.com for upcoming events and relevant information.

    –       Email the Medford Planning Department at planning@cityofmedford.org to provide planning staff with direct feedback.

    –       Call the Planning Department at (541) 774-2380 and ask to speak to a planner about the TSP.

    Keep a look out for the image below, over the next few months. Anytime you see it you’ll know that it is an advertisement for the City of Medford 2018-2038 Transportation System Plan Update Project! Stay informed and get involved and help guide the future of the City of Medford with your input about the transportation system!

    Jenna Stanke Marmon

    ODOT Region 3 Active Transportation Liaison


  • Mt. Ashland Hill Climb

    The 38th annual Mt Ashland Hill Climb Bike Race is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 27. , so if you’re interested, please preregister at mtashlandbike.com.

    Even if you are not a “racer,” this is a challenging and fun event; and the web site is an interesting read.

    For those who are interested in the history of the race, here is a link with information and an interview with Bob:  http://www.roguevalleymessenger.com/what-goes-up-the-mt-ashland-hill-climb-bike-race-separates-the-tough-from-the-tougher/

    The course is about 26 miles for the road bikers and about 18 miles for the mountain bike riders.  Each has a climb of approximately 4600 feet.

    Please feel free to contact me at bobmacc21@gmail.com or 425-512-3829 if you have any questions or need registration tips.

    Bob MacCracken

  • Siskiyou Velo Thanks volunteers for 2nd Annual Up and Down Ride

    July 22, 2017 brought approximately 100 hearty cyclists to Emigrant Lake in Ashland, Or to begin a 49 or 80 mile ride up into the high lakes country on the Up and Down ride. Siskiyou Velo served as a co-sponsor for this event and also provided a group of dedicated volunteers who helped make the ride possible. A big thanks goes out to the following:
    John Grimbergen- SAG driver
    Ginny Jensen- Daley Creek rest stop
    Willi Zilkey- Daley Creek rest top
    Lisa Brill- Daley Creek rest stop
    Lan Roberts- Dead Indian Memorial rest stop
    Jeff Roberts- Dead Indian memorial Rest stop
    Sandra Wetzel- signage
    Jay Harris- graphic design

    An extra special thanks goes out to the two Club members who served all year on the ride planning committee and also played critical roles on the day of the ride: ML Moore and Matt Walker. ML was a lead on the planning committee, coordinated registration and worked on a number of logistics issues in addition to greeting and encouraging riders at the start and finish lines. Matt Walker also served on the planning committee, coordinated and physically moved all of the supplies and equipment needed to equip the multiple rest stops AND rode the 80 mile loop. The ride would not have been possible without their contributions.

    And finally, a big thanks to all the Club members who turned out and did the ride. Covering the miles on a bike is what the whole event was about. Until next year and the 3rd annual-keep enjoying the miles.

  • National Parks Senior Pass goes up Aug. 28

    If you are a senior (62 or older) and you ever visit a National Park or other Federal parks, on a bike or otherwise, you may want to take advantage of the lifetime Senior Pass which goes up from $10  to $80 on Aug 28.  See details and how to apply here.


  • Siskiyou Velo Board meeting scheduled for Aug. 2, 2017

    The Board of Siskiyou Velo will meet at 6:30 pm at Angelo’s Pizza in Phoenix on Aug. 2, 2017. All members are welcome to attend. General Club business will be transacted.