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  • A Refresher for Children of the 40's and 50's

  • Membership Survey - Results Available

    Thank you to members who contributed their voice to the Club’s 2015 membership survey. The SOU student research team has completed their data collection and analysis, and compiled the results. To quickly review members’ responses to the 20 questions click here. If you’d like to learn more, please read the Siskiyou Velo Final Report.

    I know you’ll find the results interesting. Our challenge will be to utilize the information to improve the Club by A) meeting member’s needs and B) overcoming the challenges that lie ahead. In terms of “A,” the survey found most members joined the Club for “group ride” opportunities and which the Club, based upon members responses, is delivering very effectively. In terms of “B,” members reported that the Club’s greatest challenge lies in expanding the Club’s membership to include more women, young adults and children.

    The diversification of the Club’s membership will be challenging. However, plans are already afoot to begin addressing this issue. The Club’s co-sponsorship with RVTD of the Family Fun Rides will boost public awareness of the Club among the target demographic and, we hope, attract more children, young adults, and women to the Club’s ranks. The Rides will also include an educational component which members, according to the survey, believe is important.

    Please share your views, insights, and suggestions by adding your voice to the conversation. You can do that by clicking on View/Post New Comment (see below).

  • Membership Meeting Scheduled for April 8

    The Club’s members (and the cycling public) will have an opportunity to learn about and offer feedback on a proposal to connect existing bike lanes on N. Main and Siskiyou Boulevard through downtown Ashland. That’s right. The City is beginning the process to provide connectivity through Downtown Ashland. If constructed, people riding bicycles could travel from the City’s south and north boundaries on dedicated bike lanes.

    Mike Faught, Ashland Public Works Director, will share details of the current proposal at the start of the meeting. Following the presentation, participants will be asked to provide feedback on the proposed East Main project by using a workshop style process that divides participants into small groups. The workshop will help to inform the City on what cyclists think!

    The meeting is schedule for 6:30 to 8:30 pm on April 8th at the Grove, 1195 E. Main Street, Ashland. Please plan to attend. We really need to show the City, by a large turn-out, that people who ride bicycles are committed to improving cycling and, more specifically, the infrastructure that supports our passion.

  • Bikes (and the people who drive them) as Traffic

    The I Am Traffic website is dense with insights and commentary on what needs to change to legitimize and normalize cycling as a mode of travel. The American Bicycling Education Association’s, ABEA, vision goes beyond “sharing” the road to a future where bicyclist are seen as first class road users with the same responsibilities and duties as other road users. Their interactive graphics illustrate the proper lane position as well as the space requirements for cyclists (note the illustration doesn’t reflect the requirements in Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 811.065 – Unsafe Passing of a Person Operating a Bicycle). You’ll be surprised to learn that Oregon, based upon the standards used by the ABEA, is a red state when it comes to how well State laws promote bicycle mode equality. The ABEA’s approach isn’t about bashing motorists but instead identifies a multitude of changes (education, engineering, enforcement, etc) that must be addressed to create a transportation system that is mode neutral. Check it out!

  • March Board Meeting Scheduled for the 4th

    The Board will get together on March 4, 2015 at 516 Herbert St, Ashland. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. Club members are welcome.