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  • Speak-up for Bicycles

    Speak-up for Bicycles
    August 31 - Wednesday

    Club Member's and the Cycling Communities' Voices Are Needed

  • Club Pushes for Motorists to Follow the Law

    Siskiyou Velo has initiated a public education campaign focused on improving motorists’ awareness and adherence to the State’s bike passing law. Velo’s members have found that most Southern Oregon motor vehicle drivers pass people riding bicycles in a safe and respectful manner. But too often, drivers pass too close and in violation of the law.

    Adopted into law in 2007, ORS 811.065 establishes a safe haven for people riding bikes so that if they were to fall into the lane of traffic the following motorist would not run over the fallen cyclist (see illustration below).


  • Joint Oregon Transportation Legislative Committee Meeting - Medford

    You’d think from the news release setting the schedule for the Committee’s meeting that the Legislature’s focus is only on “Oregon’s highways, bridges, ports, and rail connections need repair and modernization,” Committee co-chair Rep. Caddy McKeown (D –Coos Bay). But the Committee needs to hear from people who walk and ride bicycles. They need to know that the hodgepodge of disconnected and afterthought design that makes up the so-called Oregon bicycle and pedestrian system is dysfunctional. As motorists we wouldn’t tolerate a system of streets and roads that start and stop, rely upon circuitous routing, or don’t serve major destinations. Pedestrians and people who ride bikes should be no less outraged.

    NOW is time for the State of Oregon to design, fund, and construct an interconnected and continuous bike and pedestrian system serving urban and metropolitan areas! The benefits, to such a strategy “…will keep our economy moving and build a brighter future for Oregon” (Rep. McKeown). Additionally, it will help reduce traffic congestion, move the State closer to its carbon reduction goals, improve public health, and make every corner of Oregon a little nicer to live, work and play. Can you imagine how many out-of-state cyclists would vacation in the State if the transportation system fully supported multiple modes? The benefits to the State tourist economy would be enormous – it would be like having two Pacific Coast lines.

    Please share your thoughts with the Joint Transportation Legislative Committee when they meet on:

    August 31, 5 p.m.
    Jackson County Library
    Medford Branch
    205 S. Central Avenue, Medford

  • Ride of Silence - Cycle Clothing Available

    You may have seen or maybe even own the awesome Ride of Silence bike jersey? The jersey was apart of the 10th anniversary Ride. NOW, for a limited time you can order a new and updated jersey design as well as comfortable and matching bike shorts.

    Here’s the link (http://www.voler.com/custom/ordering/li/14504) to review the new design and make purchases. Order before before September 6th to receive clothes in October.

    (Note: In the spirit of transparency, The Ride Of Silence is only making $3 per sale.)

  • Mt. Ashland Hill Climb

    The 37th annual Mt Ashland Hill Climb Bike Race is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 28. The venerable race was cancelled last year due to lack of preregistration and smoke, so if you’re interested, please preregister at mtashlandbike.com.

    Even if you are not a “racer,” this is a challenging and fun event; and the web site is an interesting read.

    Please feel free to contact me at bobmacc21@gmail.com or 425-512-3829 if you have any questions or need registration tips.

    Bob MacCracken

  • Annual Meeting - August 13

    The Board has shifted the date of the Club’s Annual Meeting to coincide with the popular and fun Club Ice Cream Social. The Annual Meeting promises to be short and sweet (but without any cream). Ice cream will be served.

    The election of the Board of Directors will not coincide with the Annual Meeting but rather be held in December by electronic ballot.