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  • Club Record

    Club Record
    ride safely and stay alert

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  • New Paint at Fern Valley Interchange

    FVI  6_2016 Paint

    Paint is nice but a protected bike lane would have been better. Would a retrofit be possible?



  • Revisiting the Tragedy - Kalamazoo

    Phillip Kolczynski suggested reposting this Wall Street Journal article describing how Kalamazoo, Michigan is coping with an unthinkable tragedy.

  • Ashland Watershed West - Closure through 7/1

    The closure of the western portion of the Ashland Watershed remains in effect to provide for public safety. It is effective through July 1. The public is asked to respect the closure area, both for their own safety and the safety of the people working to restore forest health and resiliency.

    Due to continued trespass violations, law officials will increase patrols in the closed area and will continue to issue citations to people inside the area closure.

    The helicopter continues to work in the area. Work takes place 7 days a week in order to minimize closures and interruptions.

    The public needs to remain out of the closed area to facilitate uninterrupted work. Signs are posted to clearly mark those areas that are off-limits.

    Updates posted at www.ashlandwatershed.org and www.facebook.com/AFR.Project.

  • Eagle Point Cycling Challenge

    The 6th Annual Eagle Point Cycling Challenge, co-sponsored by the City of Eagle Point and Siskiyou Velo was held 11 June. The ride was the culmination of about 6 months of planning by the steering committee of Alan Curriston from the City of Eagle Point and Viki Brown and Donald Coker from Siskiyou Velo. Alan had organized this ride for the previous 5 years practically by himself. Viki and Donald did the ride last year, thought it was great, and got Siskiyou Velo involved as a co-sponsor.

    In the planning phase, routes were selected, permits obtained from governmental agencies, food for aid stations and meals selected, volunteers solicited, liability insurance obtained, porta pots ordered  and a thousand other details were attend to.

    In the days just prior to the event the routes were marked with spray paint, corners with gravel were swept, food was bought for the aid stations, the registration packets were organized and hopes were made for good weather.

    The weather turned out great being partly cloudy with a high of 77. It was cool at the beginning as the 100 k riders rolled out at 7:30 (two guys I don’t know were in a hurry and rolled out before the official start and were never caught by the peloton).

    The other routes had later staggered starting times from 8:30 to 10:00 so, hopefully, everyone would get back at Harnish Wayside Park for the delicious post ride meal. That pretty much worked out.

    Twenty of our members chose the very challenge 100k route with the climb to Butte Falls


    including Harlan Bittner,Ed Broyles, Edward Busby, Ted Clay, Frank Correia, Dennis Cramer, Steve Dorman, Bill Dorris, James Ferguson, Alfred Harrison, Shane Irving, Douglas Kent, Rich Lavoy, Rod March, Arlyn Melvie,  Nancy O’Neal, Jennifer Reynolds, Charlie Schink, Scott Stinegraber and William Stevens. I worked the aid station at the beginning of the climb and I saw a lot of smiles as they took in fluid and food and attended to their personal needs prior to the climb to the top.

    Ten riders from Siskiyou Velo did the 50k route


    out to the Lake Creek Store and then back over the steep hill on Brownsville-Meridian Road including Eugene Carte’, Peter Currer, Diane DiVita, Rich DiVita, Bob Gerbi, Mark Gustafson, Carol  Huffman, Virginia Jenson, Eric Spivak, and Wenona Spivak.

    Five riders from Siskiyou Velo including George Beckman, Jane Ramage, Lee Ramage, Ken Kelley and Cookie Webb did the 30 k route


    up Butcher Shop Hill, through the Eagle Point Golf Course and then out into the surrounding countryside.

    The family with the most riders was the Bechtolds from Eagle Point with 4.

    The oldest rider (among the limited number who acknowledged their age) was 79. Way to go.

    Thanks to Henry Lawrence, city administrator of the city of Eagle Point, volunteers Doug Dentling, Kris Curriston, Ruth Hewitt, , Donald Brown, Dennis Mihocko, Nick & Joannie Parsons, and  Kathie Bate from the City of Eagle Point. Willi Zilkey,  ML Moore and Rebecca Bittner from Siskiyou Velo volunteered. Thanks also to Jeff Ewen of Jeffro’s Grill who supplied the delicious after ride meal

    I apologize in advance if I left anyone out, misspelled a name or committed a grammatical faux pas. ep16ep11ep12ep13ep14ep10ep9ep8ep7ep6ep5ep3ep1

  • 2016 Jackson County Chip Seal

    From Jackson County Roads:

    We do not have the sequence worked out yet, it will probably be around July 8 before that is complete.  However, we have the complete, un-sequenced, list, which I’ve attached.  The prep work on this list has begun (crack filling, digouts, etc).  We expect to begin the actual chip sealing around July 25 and complete chip sealing around Aug 12.  It will be around Aug 31 when we complete all brooming and fog seals.

    Jackson County Roads 2016 Chip-Seal Project List v2