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  • March Board Meeting Scheduled for the 4th

    The Board will get together on March 4, 2015 at 516 Herbert St, Ashland. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. Club members are welcome.

  • Wagner Creek Conditions

    I recently rode to the dirt from Talent on Wagner Creek Road.  I encountered a section of the road that was totally gone since we had the heavy rains about 2 weeks ago.  The road narrows down to one lane in one location.  This is in between the 3 mile and 4 mile road marker.  The entire right lane is washed away as you are climbing up toward the dirt.  This area has had cement barriers installed at the edge but care should be observed due to there only being one lane.  This is only for a 100 foot section of the road but it is just after a sharp right hand turn so there is limited visibility.  You need to pay attention on the descent also due to this.  There is good signage prior to the area.  The picture I have attached shows the problem area.


  • No Collisions/Falls/Crashes on Club Rides in 2015

    Now is the time to think about safety. Not after you or someone you are riding with falls, collides with another object, or otherwise crashes. To highlight the importance of member safety, the Club’s Board adopted a goal of “no collisions, falls, or crashes on Club rides in 2015. A lofty goal but it can be achieved if everyone concentrates on safety, avoids risks, and encourages others to do the same.

    The Board’s goal for 2015 is all about safety. Most cycle crashes occur because someone had a momentary lapse; either because of distraction or over-confidence. You can’t be responsible for the other guy but ensuring you are doing everything possible to avoid a crash, fall, or collision can make a huge difference.

    No one goes out on their bike with the intention of crashing. Yet, we don’t always adhere to the highest standards of safety. Sometimes we get careless and that is when they happen. We don’t do an ABC quick check before starting, we drift up onto someone else’s rear wheel, we ride too close to the road edge, take a corner too fast, don’t slow down or stop when we should, fail to adhere to the “rules of the road,” don’t announce our intention to pass or slow down, fail to “clip-out” before stopping, among dozens more. These are all avoidable outcomes.

    In 2014 there were way too many crashes, falls, and collisions. Let’s all do our part to make 2015 collision, fall, and crash free. We’ve made it 44 days into 2015 without a reported collision, fall, or crash on Club rides. Let’s keep it going.

  • Membership Survey - underway

    Yesterday, members received in an email asking that they participate in the Club’s membership survey.  If you are a member please check your “inbox” for a February 11th message entitled “Club Member Survey.” Your answers to the 20 probing questions, asked in the survey, will help shape the Club’s programs and activities in the coming years. For those who have already responded; THANK YOU.

    Member responses are being accepted through February 20th.

  • Feb 11 Meeting: Things That Go Bump at 2Hawk Winery

    The Velo Club February meeting will be hosted at 2Hawk Winery at 2335 N.Phoenix Rd., just up the hill from the Phoenix interchange at I-5. We’ll gather at 6:00 pm for socializing, a glass of wine or beer, order a bite to eat if you like, and enjoy some guitar music by member, Tom Ryan. We’ll start the meeting at 6:30.

    Four good friends and members of the Velo Club will describe their recent crashes on the bike, how they might have done  things differently and what we might all learn from their experiences.

    Cyclists are encouraged to bring their favorite bike tool for show and tell (no husbands allowed). Learn a new, easier, more efficient way to work on/repair your bike.

    Members: bring your friends. Nonmembers are welcome.